Accidents and disruptions are a part of everyday life but when the worst happens and your business is affected by a real ‘disaster’ do you have a backup plan? Could your business continue operating and communicating with its clients, suppliers, staff and stakeholders within the critical first few minutes/hours of a disaster? If your  business is ever affected by a disaster, such as your premises is flooded or damaged by fire, you’ll be very busy, very quickly dealing with it. The added problem is that the world around you will still be turning and your normal business will need to continue as normal – at least as far as your customers and contacts are aware.

The last thing that you will need at such a critical time will be to also lose customers and/or business due to their loss of confidence and/or the ability to communicate with you. Ensuring that confidence remains and the business does not suffer too greatly as a result while you deal with the disaster, should therefore be a key part of any businesses strategy.

One of our tenants at Amron House in North Shields, Synthesis-IT Ltd, knows that all businesses rely on and need to protect their data. As such, their clients must be able to recover quickly and seamlessly in the event of a business interrupting disaster. To achieve this, as part of their network and systems support services that they provide to business clients, they offer a data backup and restore service that includes access to a fully equipped and private dormant office, their Disaster Recovery Suite.


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  • It’s true, office disasters can wreak havoc with a business so having these backups and recovery options in place is imperative. An office network of backup can be immensely reassuring, especially if you rely on a large number of databases and email systems to conduct your operations.

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